Victorian Day Year 1

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Infants’ Sports Day 2014

Well done Everyone!!


Victorian Day – Year 2 children


Charity Week

Congratulations Year 6 on yet another successful Charity Week!!

Take a look at Ben’s (Year 5) slide show:

This is Emily & Niamh’s film:

Charity week from Mrs P on Vimeo.


A Letter to Jack

To Jack,

You have been a very naughty boy, you stole gold, a hen and a violin. You should be grounded for a month. The giants family must be extremely sad. You need to say sorry to the giant’s family. I’m glad you’re not at my school. I will give you one more chance.

Love From


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A Letter to Jack

Dear Jack,

I am extremely cross with you because you stole from an enormous giant. I am going to tell your Mum

what you did.  Do not steal from anyone again. You must be grounded for a week or a day or forever.

     From Ethan


Our Jack and the Beanstalk Challenge

We read Jack and the beanstalk and we were shocked to discover that the main character Jack was a thief! In our cooperative groups we discussed what we would say to Jack to explain that stealing is always wrong. Miss Roberts set us the challenge of writing a stern letter to Jack explaining the reasons that stealing is wrong, even if it is from a giant!


A Paddington Bear Challenge



We watched Paddington Bear singing in the rain and we noticed that his hat was getting very wet indeed! Miss Roberts set us a challenge. We had to research which material was the most waterproof and then make a hat for paddington using this material. The hat had to have a peak. What a challenge!


The Leyland Morris Men

We were very lucky to have ‘The Leyland Morris Men’ come in to do an assembly. Thank you very much!

The Leyland Morris Men from Claire France on Vimeo.


A Local Farmer came to visit!

A local vegetable farmer from Tarleton, who supplies our school, came into school and told us lots of information about the vegetables that are grown in our area. He showed us some new vegetables like Romanesco Cauliflowers, Candy-cane-striped beetroots and golden beetroots.

Farmer Peter


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